Does window lm affect my view?

No. Unlike many other products on the market our films are glueless system; this allows an optically perfect film. Meaning that it doest NOT affect your view. In fact, due to the glare rejection our film will enhance your view.

What is the warranty?

We offer a lifetime nationwide manufacturers warranty in most of our products. Our manufactures warranty covers anything that can happen to the tint itself: Bubbling, Cracking, Discoloration, Delamination, and Fading.

Will window lm darken the interior of my home?

Not with our film. When good quality window film is applied, there is no need to go really dark to get the right heat rejection, however ; dark films are also available for those who are looking for privacy as well

Will window lm have an effect on my plants?

No. The window film will not harm you plants. Some plants may have and initial shock period, but will quickly bounce back and flourish.

Does window tint make my windows more resistant?

Yes. Window film can actually strengthen the glass. If the glass is broken, the film will hold it together. This is a benefit for golf communities, security homes, and commercial areas However, if you are looking for hurricane protection , then a different film needs to be applied. It is called security film, and is also available for you.

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